Ever considered an indoor pool?

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indoor poolTraditionally, you will find most fibreglass swimming pools in the backyards and outdoor spaces of Australian homes. However, a fibreglass pool can also be installed in an indoor space with spectacular results.

The Grandeur pictured here was installed during the building phase of the house, which presented fewer issues than installing the pool into an established home. With remarkable views and the ability to open the space to the outdoors, this pool has a grand presence in the family home.

Whilst initially an indoor pool may provide you with some additional expenses, the advantages will make the extra expense worthwhile. The most obvious advantage is that it allows for all year-round swimming. Whilst an outdoor pool is great in the heat of the summer, it is not so appealing on a chilly winter morning. Even an indoor pool without any additional pool heating will still provide a more controlled temperature than an outdoor pool as it is not subject to the weather.
Like outdoor pools, indoor pools still require chemicals such as saltwater or chlorine. And the water needs to be regularly tested to ensure the balance is right.

Cleaning is much easier in an indoor pool as without exposure to the elements, the pool does not get leaves, grass, dirt and insects that an outdoor swimming pool often would. Additionally, those swimming in the pool are not exposed to the elements. We know all too well the damage that can be caused by the harsh Australia sun, and an indoor pool will help to avoid some of that exposure.