Remember to Remove Your Pool Blanket in Hot Weather!

We use our pools all summer long, but if there are extended periods when you don’t have time for a dip, it’s extremely important to still remove your pool cover for a minimum of 1 day per week.

Removing the pool cover allows your pool to ‘breathe’ and helps avoid overheating the water.  Never allow the water temperature in your pool to exceed 28oC.  Always remove the cover during times of extreme heat.

It’s simple to avoid any problems that may arise from incorrect use of your pool blanket by adopting a positive pool cover management program.

  • Remove the pool cover frequently to ensure the chlorine levels do not exceed above the recommended levels. Readings above 2.0 ppm for unstabilised pools and 3.0 ppm for stabilised pools can void the warranty of the pool cover and all internal surface finish warranties.  Removing the cover frequently also allows sunlight to burn out unwanted chloramines from the water.
  • Seasonally adjust the input and usage of pool chemicals to maintain the recommended levels.
  • Do not allow the pool cover to ride up and over the pool edge beam. A pocket of super-heated air, steam and chemicals can form which will cause irreversible damage to the pool’s surface, voiding the warranty.
  • Always cut floating, bubble type pool covers 25mm shy around the perimeter of the pool to avoid any air becoming trapped between the blanket and the inside edge of the pool.
  • Do not allow the pH of your pool water to fall below 6.8 as the combination of low pH, high chlorine levels and warm water will damage the pool cover and the pool’s surface, voiding warranties.
  • Use and store your pool cover in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.